Mommy Mondays: Here comes the… Turkey!


We celebrated American Thanksgiving this weekend with our “Thanksgiving crew” it’s our 4th year running and even though some of couples are now back living in the States and others travelling a bit, we love our group celebration tradition!

This year we had two toddlers (Little Miss and her very first friend), one mother of a new born baby (baby stayed at home with his grandma) and one bump. Next year there will at least one more baby, we can’t wait for future editions!

And now some Mommy Monday links for you:

A recent survey declaring an ideal age for having a child is nonsense! via

‘Tis almost the season… 20 unique Advent calendars from

Loving the Bugaboo Wool collection via Babyccino Kids

Cute peek-a-boo printables via MonBabyCheri

Napping with puppy… oh so cute!! via TwentyTwo Words


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