Repetto: The other perfect “Mom” shoe

A little while ago I blogged about Ferragamo being one of my favourite “Mom” shoe collections, meaning that they’re easy to wear and always look chic. My other favourite “Mom” shoe brand is Repetto: you can never have too many, they’re so easy to wear and they go with everything. Plus you can slip them […]


Decorating: Little Miss’ Room

Little Miss’ bedroom is a work-in-progress. She’s still sleeping in our room for the moment but we’re hoping that her room will be ready before we leave Paris for the summer.  I’ve been wondering what to put up on the walls, until yesterday, when I remembered that I have some old Paris Fashion Week catwalk […]

Shopping in Paris: A sweet dépôt-vente

Gently-used brands like Bonpoint, Jacadi, Tartine et Chocolat, and Zef for children 0-8 years old, in addition to toys, books, DVDs and furniture. Plus new designer children’s jewellery and French creators. A local Mum who has opened the first resale kids shop/dépôt-vente in the Canal St. Martin area. Anaïs et Martin, 13 rue des Récollets, […]

I’ll take some sleep on the side…

We’ve had another rocky weekend, Little Miss caught a bug on Thursday evening and has been fighting a fever for the last few days. I’m completely exhausted from night wakings and she’s been so difficult to get to sleep in general — we’ve been spending hours trying to get her calm in the evenings. We […]

In store: Petit Bateau + Claude Ponti

French children’s favourite, Blaise the chick, has hit Petit Bateau stores. Claude Ponti is the famous illustrator and author of Mille Secrets de Poussins (below) and Blaise is the name of the character his chicks take on when they wear a red mask for being naughty. I didn’t know these stories before receiving an email from […]

Anxiety in the métro

I can’t help it, the thought of taking the Paris métro fills me with anxiety. This morning I had a doctors appointment at 9 am and my options were either transferring on two buses or taking a direct métro with a 5 minute walk. Since I am not a morning person, the métro reluctantly won […]

Meow! A Cat Café is coming to Paris

Being a huge cat lover, I am so excited! A cat café will be coming to Paris! Hot the heels of Norimasa Hanada’s super successful Neko no mise (shop of cats) in Japan, where cat lovers can enjoy a tea and pastry at a café surrounded by a gaggle of kitties, the concept will be brought […]

Shopping in Paris: Le ciel est à tout le monde

There’s a children’s shop that I love to pass by whenever I can. Le ciel est à tout le monde always have the cutest windows and I was amazed to find last Christmas that they also sell mouth-blown ornaments by Käthe Wohlfahrt, a famous German Christmas shop. They have cute wooden toys (above and below). […]

Let’s sweep the bad weather away

It’s been another fun family weekend and yesterday was a blast, celebrating DH’s first Father’s Day! We finished the day with a walk around the Canal St. Martin, where we saw these street-sweeping dancers. The crowds and the sun were out and it finally felt like summer was here! But today when we woke up […]

All I want for Christmas is…

After a visit to the head office of Pierre Hermé this week, all I want for Christmas is… A macaroon-flavoured candy Pierre Hermé vending machine… Aren’t the Japanese lucky to have these?!

Another First: Mum-Mum

  Since yesterday, I finally have a name! Little Miss has finally put together the concept of “Mummy” and is now saying “Mum-mum” whenever she wants me!  It’s the sweetest thing to hear her “Mum-Mum” voice drifting in from the other room. Yesterday she had her 9-month vaccinations and was particularly needy in the afternoon, […]

I love you… forever

It’s true Parisians have quite a reputation when it comes to love…. Or amour. Love is always in the air.. Even at the local cheesemonger. They bake love… They send love… And kisses too. I feel so happy to live in a city where people aren’t afraid to say “je t’aime”…. Paris, I love you… […]

Date night

Last Thursday DH and I had a date night. Since Little Miss was born we’ve only been on a handful of these, so when we do get the chance to have a night out, it’s always an event. We were meant to be out for a friend’s 40th birthday drinks but we decided to start […]

A hamburger highlight

We had a busy weekend in Paris trying to get things done for the flat as Little Miss’ things have exploded everywhere and we need to organise asap! Saturday was a whirlwind of shops, bags, and taxis but we did have one memorable stop, for an order of hamburger and fries at Big Fernand, a […]

How to make the perfect Poulet Rôti

We eat a lot of poulet rôti. If DH had to pick just one meal to eat until the end of eternity, a roasted chicken would definitely be the main course: it’s his eternal comfort food and there’s no way he could ever give it up. He’s gotten so good at making a mouth-watering poulet […]

Back in Paris

After almost three weeks, we’re finally back in Paris. It feels great to be able to walk around the city again! I had a doctors appointment this morning near Concorde, so I took the opportunity to visit W.H. Smith to get some items for Little Miss. One day she’s going to need her own Paddington […]

A visit to Château du Rivau

On Saturday we visited the Château du Rivau for their Fête de Jardin. The garden is perfect for little kids with big imaginations: you will encounter all manner of “enchanted” creatures (above and below). Mysterious towers… And works of art. This was my favourite “folie” but there’s much, much more to see, including all sorts […]


It’s happened so quickly, but at 9.5 months, Little Miss is finally crawling! On Thursday she was spending lots of time getting on her knees, on Friday she managed to get in an upright sitting position for the first time herself, and this morning she has started actually crawling! I’m so amazed and proud of […]