Are we headed for the worst summer ever?

This May has been one of the wettest ever, and according to Météo France, there’s only a 10% chance that we’ll have a warm and dry summer! A few days ago this stormy sky suddenly appeared as I was working on the second floor. The horizon was very menacing but the field just before, in […]


In love with burrata

As I mentioned, yesterday we bought a delicious burrata at the market in Bourgueil. A burrata makes the most perfect meal when you can’t be bothered to do anything special but you want to eat something nice. Especially if the burrata, the tomatoes and the olive oil are of very good quality. Our dinner was […]

Tuesday market at Bourgueil, Loire Valley

By now you may have noticed that our life in the countryside is governed a lot by food and markets! This morning we woke bright and early to get to the Tuesday market in Bourgueil. It’s centralised under an old Halle (covered market), but on Tuesday it also extends out into the streets of the town […]

We spent the weekend alone

DH was back in Paris at the end of last week so Little Miss and I spent the last few days alone in the countryside. I’m always a bit nervous and needlessly paranoid that if anything should happen to me Little Miss would be completely alone and obviously unable to fend for herself. Despite all […]

The Want File: Les Pascalettes Bibs

I am obsessed with these baby bibs from new brand, Les Pascalettes. Launched by chic-maman Charlotte Pascal, of the Vilebrequin swimwear family, her motto is “official supplier of chic bibs for clean children.”                                      The female versions have a col claudine, which is a blouse-like collar.                                   While the boy version uses a shirt collar […]

An accompaniment for white asparagus

As promised, here is my mother-in-law’s simple and delicious accompaniment to delectable white asparagus, made by DH, and inspired by our recent trip to the market in Chinon. A close up of the kilo we brought home. Here they are cooked to perfection, and below, your perfectly prepared French plat. What you will need: Nicely […]

A visit to the market in the Loire Valley

We’re back in the Loire Valley for a couple of weeks, enjoying the country air, but not the weather, as it’s currently quite grey and flooded everywhere. On Sunday, we visited one of our local markets in Chinon to stock up for the week. These white asparagus were a third of the price of those […]

Shoes: What are Parisian children wearing?

Bring me home…. Yes, please! The above two are always classics and the updated colours are very sweet. Accessories for mini hipsters-in-training. Now you know why Parisian children are dripping with cool… I love both of these, but the Veja‘s are definitely on my list for Little Miss. It’s impossible not to be charmed by […]

Having a sick child is not easy

This weekend has been incredibly difficult, having a sick child is not easy! Thankfully after two doctor’s visits (photo above taken in the waiting room), many doses of Doliprane, and lots of TLC, Little Miss is now feeling much better. We’re both more than a little worn out and this illness has wreaked havoc on […]

The tales of street art in Paris

If you’re a child living in Paris, the streets are teeming with images to catch your eye… You sometimes encounter very odd people… Or faces with the funniest expressions… Space invaders could be watching you from every corner… You might meet strange characters from strange lands… Or familiar ones, just hanging around…. You can count […]

Our first fever

Little Miss has her very first fever. It started with tears and refusing to eat last night, so we took her temperature, and it was at 39.2°! We were obviously nervous since, aside from one gastro-enteritis with no temperature, she has never been sick before. DH called S.O.S. Médecins, the doctor service that conducts home-visits, and […]

Cute Parisian kids boutique alert: Les Enfants d’Abord

Another Paris kids boutique that’s way too cute for its own good. Sweet children’s clothing above and below. They sell brands like Emile et Ida, Les Enfantines and their own line of clothing. Karine, the boutique owner, can also create custom deco items like crib bumpers and pillow covers from adorable Liberty fabrics — I […]

In awe of Angelina Jolie’s bravery

I had another post planned today but after hearing the news of Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy, I just wanted to share how in awe I am of her courage and bravery. Jolie shares her reflections behind the decision in a letter in today’s New York Times, talking about the discovery of “faulty” gene BRCA1, […]

Heading back to Paris

We’re heading back to Paris this afternoon after a few blissful days in the Loire Valley. Just when you get settled it’s time to leave again. Although we’ll be back soon *and* in the Loire for most of the summer as well. Sad to leave the peace and quiet but looking forward to meeting up […]

In celebration of mothers everywhere!

This documentary “birthstory“ about Ina May Gaskin, one of the world’s most famous midwives, reminds us all about our humble beginnings and how important, singular and precious that moment of birth is! When I got pregnant in 2011, this book seemed to be an obvious read, except at the time, I really knew nothing about […]

Long “Pont” weekend in France

We’re at my husband’s family house in the Loire Valley as this is a “Pont” weekend in France, which means that as yesterday and today are holidays, people often take Friday off as well to create a bridge (“pont”) to the weekend. It’s wonderful being away and as soon as we arrived we went for […]

Junk food fix at La Grande Epicerie de Paris

La Grande Epicerie de Paris has recently undergone a huge change, moving their wine cellar (pictured below) to a new expanded location downstairs.  I paid a visit after a dentist appointment last week and, of course, got completely sidetracked with the expanded “American” section and all the goodies they have now! Some savoury treats, plus […]

Spotted on rue Cambon

And open as of yesterday! Culture Chanel, the exhibition dedicated to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s artistic world, featuring artists such as Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Guillaume Apollinaire, Igor Stravinsky, Salvador Dali and Amedeo Modigliani, among others. This exhibition has been travelling the globe, and after stops in Shanghai, Beijing and Moscow, it’s now come […]

Jean-Philippe Delhomme’s “New York” Comes to Paris

Jean-Philippe Delhomme‘s “New York,” an exhibition featuring original gouache paintings from his New York Travel Book, recently published by Louis Vuitton, opened this evening in presence of the artist at the Galerie Martel. It also happened to be the Little Miss’ first ever art opening, though she had to stay outside (next to Delhomme himself) […]