MummyMondays: Are back!

I’ve been a very sorry blogger since this summer but we’re back now for the Fall and so I will make an effort to be more regular about posts! I’ll share more from the Philadelphia part of our trip this week. It was great to be in New York and Philadelphia earlier in October, even […]


Our MoMA Moment

Aside from seeing many, many friends, the one thing we absolutely wanted to do in New York was to pay a visit to MoMA. We spotted some Raushenberg, Warhol, and Ruscha. And Little Miss slept most of the time so we could really take the time to appreciate our visit! The Museum of Modern Art, […]

A block away from the Cronut

We’re now in Philadelphia for my husband’s work but while we were in New York we stayed in Soho, a block away from Dominique Ansel and his famous cronut-making bakery. Every morning we would wake up and pass the queues of people camping out for the croissant-donut hybrid and get in the shorter line for […]