In love with burrata

As I mentioned, yesterday we bought a delicious burrata at the market in Bourgueil. A burrata makes the most perfect meal when you can’t be bothered to do anything special but you want to eat something nice. Especially if the burrata, the tomatoes and the olive oil are of very good quality. Our dinner was […]


Our first fever

Little Miss has her very first fever. It started with tears and refusing to eat last night, so we took her temperature, and it was at 39.2°! We were obviously nervous since, aside from one gastro-enteritis with no temperature, she has never been sick before. DH called S.O.S. Médecins, the doctor service that conducts home-visits, and […]

In awe of Angelina Jolie’s bravery

I had another post planned today but after hearing the news of Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy, I just wanted to share how in awe I am of her courage and bravery. Jolie shares her reflections behind the decision in a letter in today’s New York Times, talking about the discovery of “faulty” gene BRCA1, […]