Welcome to the Royal Baby

© Paris Match

© Paris Match

France being a republic, it’s strange and amusing to see how much attention the arrival of the Royal Baby has garnered. We were in Brittany with DH’s family and interrupted dinner to watch Prince George’s release from the hospital live on TF1 (the most important television station in France).

I thought I would add fire to the Royal Baby fever and share some #MommyMonday links entirely dedicated to everything you wanted to know about the future King of England. Long live the future King!

#MommyMonday links:

Kate Middleton’s proud moment

The Middletons arrived by taxi

Why The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named him George

Prince George arrives in Bucklebury

Meet the family

The Prince George Effect. It’s started already!

Part 2 on the Prince George Effect.

What to buy the baby who will have everything!

Speculation on the royal baby’s future god-parents

What will Britain be like under King George, a look to the future!


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