La canicule


There’s finally a canicule in France — the dreaded, elusive heatwave! I love it since I thrive on hot, humid weather in the summertime but DH and Little Miss are having a much harder time. DH doesn’t support humidity very well and Little Miss is just a baby, so obviously she’s miserable (even though she was born in last year’s canicule). Maybe in time she’ll come to love the heat as much as I do! We’re doing our best to keep her well-hydrated but bedtimes have been tricky as it’s 30°C+ in our bedroom on the second floor and small fans don’t do much for the humidity.

In France, complaining about the weather is almost a national past time. Complaining when it’s cold that it’s too cold and not warm enough. Complaining when it’s hot that it’s too hot and not cool enough. But I can’t bring myself to complain this time around. I’m enjoying the summer weather far too much! Vive l’été! Long live summer!

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2 thoughts on “La canicule

  1. I love the heat – but my hubby would fit in perfectly in France as complaining about the heat comes very natural to him. He hates it! But I will say seeing the kids uncomfortable is hard..x

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