Rainy days: where to go? The 104!


Now that Little Miss is a real little toddler it’s so important that we get out of the flat so she can run around and find new things to discover! The other day, on a rainy day, we met some Mummy and baby/toddler friends at the 104, a community centre that has a place called La Maison des Petits, which is a free drop-in centre for the little ones.

As it was a wet Wednesday afternoon there was already a queue for the space when we arrived — as they can only allow 30 people in at one time — so we took our number and waited outside in the 104 common area, with break-dancers and students from a circus school practicing around us.


Little Miss was so excited when we finally got it in! She loved having the room to run around and check out all the activity areas, which included painting, drawing, reading and playing in a special wet area (with cute little waterproof aprons provided).



IMG_5030La Maison des Petits has several childcare workers on hand who are there to help out and advise if any issues come up. While the 104 is not just next door to where we live, it was great to be able to go to a drop-in place for her to really run around in and be stimulated by different activites and children!

I’m waiting for our next rainy day to head back!

104, La Maison des Petits, 5 rue Curial, 75019, Paris. M° Riquel. Tél: 01 53 35 50 00.

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