A block away from the Cronut


We’re now in Philadelphia for my husband’s work but while we were in New York we stayed in Soho, a block away from Dominique Ansel and his famous cronut-making bakery.

Every morning we would wake up and pass the queues of people camping out for the croissant-donut hybrid and get in the shorter line for a hot drink and patisserie. Their coffees and chai tea lattés are served at the perfect temperature to drink straight away, love that!

As we ate our breakfast there were lots of people sitting with their blankets and sleeping bags, taking pictures and sighing over their cronuts. They did look delicious, but can you imagine camping out to eat one of these?


Dominique Ansel, 189 Spring Street, New York, NY, 10012. Tel: 212-219-2773.


3 thoughts on “A block away from the Cronut

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