When did your little one start playing with other children?


Little Miss and I have been going to the park regularly since getting back to Paris. As she’s walking now and big for her 13 months old I follow her around the park probably a lot more than French mothers, who are happy to sit on nearby benches, chatting away.


She seems to love watching what the other children are doing: especially the older children who can walk up the slide and climb up things.



But she doesn’t know yet how to interact with other children. She seems very in awe of them and happy to just toddle about watching them play.


Dear readers, I’d be very interested to know at what age your children started interacting more with other kids in play areas?

I can’t wait to see Little Miss start making her first friends!!!

3 thoughts on “When did your little one start playing with other children?

  1. Children engage in “parallel play” at her age. They enjoy playing alongside others and observing and interacting on occasion, but mostly play “alone in the company of others.” By the age of 3 or 4, children become more adept at “cooperative play” with others. She is doing just what she should be doing at her age. And you are a good mommy to ask these questions. I am a preschool teacher in the U.S.

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