On Bastille Day


We had a low-key Bastille Day in the Loire Valley. I was slightly tempted at some point to bring Little Miss out for her first fireworks display but in the end rest and relaxation won out.


In the afternoon we visited Fontevraud L’Abbaye, a town that’s 5 minutes from us, and home to a magnificent old Royal Abbey, where Eleonore of Aquitane and her son Richard-the-Lionheart are buried. But we didn’t visit the abbey, which we’ve seen quite a few times already. Instead we walked around the town and had a ice cream.


DH paid a visit to Le Comptoir des Vins, a new wine shop that overlooks the centre place. It’s a bit pricey but you can enjoy a selection of local wines and also play jukebox with their record collection.


After that we paid a visit to the Château de Targé in Parnay, a château dating from 1655 with troglodyte habitations built into the side of the hill. It’s a fascinating spot and of course, DH was keen to taste their wines.


When we got home we ate cherries (a first for Little Miss) and watched the Tour de France. It was the laziest Bastille Day ever but a nice charge for the run-down batteries.


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