The Impossible Little Miss


Little Miss is becoming a little terror (above in full fit). Since arriving in the countryside on Thursday (she and I came a day late, DH had to go the day before as I had a work obligation) she has been very needy, she only wants Mommy and will start screaming as soon as I leave the room. Several headaches and impossible bedtimes later, I really hope that this bout of neediness is just something temporary brought on by the change of home, because I am drop-dead exhausted!

Sorry, few #MommyMonday links again:

The benefits in delaying clamping the umbilical cord via The New York Times

Teaching and learning the meaning of consequences via The New York Times

What parents mean when they say they want to work part-time via The New York Times

Oooh, babies exposed to stress in the womb could be more likely to suffer depression via The Daily Mail

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