Repetto: The other perfect “Mom” shoe


A little while ago I blogged about Ferragamo being one of my favourite “Mom” shoe collections, meaning that they’re easy to wear and always look chic. My other favourite “Mom” shoe brand is Repetto: you can never have too many, they’re so easy to wear and they go with everything. Plus you can slip them on in a second and they always look so stylish.


DH, Little Miss and I ventured into sales land last night at Printemps and I was pleased to discover that Repetto now make customizable ballet flats!


You can choose the colour of your shoe.


…the trim (above) and laces (below).



These are one of the happy finished products. Wouldn’t it be sweet to customise the pair of your dreams?


With the sales in full swing, the colours are a bit limited at the moment.


But you can still “think pink”…


…or get the blues, like I did, with my new pair of ballerine Cendrillon flats in vernis bleu classique.

Repetto, chez Printemps, 64 boulevard Haussman, 75009, Paris. Metro° Havre-Caumartin. Tél: 01 42 82 50 00.

3 thoughts on “Repetto: The other perfect “Mom” shoe

  1. I’m off to see if you can create your own online! I love this! Do they hold up well? I’ve always fancied a pair, but it’s hard to tell how sturdy they are online.

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