Decorating: Little Miss’ Room


Little Miss’ bedroom is a work-in-progress. She’s still sleeping in our room for the moment but we’re hoping that her room will be ready before we leave Paris for the summer. 

I’ve been wondering what to put up on the walls, until yesterday, when I remembered that I have some old Paris Fashion Week catwalk show invitations that would be perfect as decoration for a child’s room! I unearthed this Muppets one, along with another Mickey Mouse-themed invitation, both from French fashion designer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, who had partnered in the past with The Walt Disney Company to create several ready-to-wear collections.

We’re sending these off to our local photo shop to be ironed and placed on a backing and then they’re off to the framers. Watch this space to see them when they’re back and ready for hanging!

There are just so many cute sources for artwork in children’s rooms. Before remembering these invitations I was considering buying some of these posters from the English Muffin shop or one of these super girlie prints from Emma Kisstina, both on Etsy.

Where is your favourite source for artwork in your children’s room?


2 thoughts on “Decorating: Little Miss’ Room

  1. I will be sure not to show my eldest son your Mickey Mouse one – it will be of great disappointment that he can’t have one and he’ll have me running around town trying to find one. If I explain we need to go to France – he will be in the car in a heartbeat and then I have to explain that as well!
    Can’t wait to see them…

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