I’ll take some sleep on the side…


We’ve had another rocky weekend, Little Miss caught a bug on Thursday evening and has been fighting a fever for the last few days. I’m completely exhausted from night wakings and she’s been so difficult to get to sleep in general — we’ve been spending hours trying to get her calm in the evenings. We were supposed to have a babysitter on Saturday evening but I decided to cancel because I didn’t want Little Miss to have any additional stress on top of her sickness. Thankfully on Sunday the fever finally broke and in the afternoon I managed to get her down for a nap — it was a much needed moment of blissful rest… for both of us! Oh sleep, how I missed you!

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3 thoughts on “I’ll take some sleep on the side…

  1. Nothing worse than sick kids (hate seeing them unwell..) BUT sleep deprivation is worse than the world ending! We have just cracked through a fever here – finally there is light at the end of the tunnel..xx

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