In store: Petit Bateau + Claude Ponti


French children’s favourite, Blaise the chick, has hit Petit Bateau stores.


Claude Ponti is the famous illustrator and author of Mille Secrets de Poussins (below) and Blaise is the name of the character his chicks take on when they wear a red mask for being naughty.


I didn’t know these stories before receiving an email from Petit Bateau the other day, but while I was standing in front of my local PB boutique yesterday afternoon I heard a French maman raving about the stories and telling her daughter that they would have to come back to the shop on the weekend to buy her a t-shirt. IMG_0834

I find the collection quite sweet…



Especially the onesie and these little knickers.


I also love the boxes for the collection.


Having never heard of these stories before, it’s obvious that I need to brush up on my French children’s culture. Did you know about Blaise, the naughty chick?

An interactive iPad app is coming soon as well.

Petit Bateau & Claude Ponti from June 11th.

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