Meow! A Cat Café is coming to Paris

Being a huge cat lover, I am so excited! A cat café will be coming to Paris! Hot the heels of Norimasa Hanada’s super successful Neko no mise (shop of cats) in Japan, where cat lovers can enjoy a tea and pastry at a café surrounded by a gaggle of kitties, the concept will be brought to Paris this Fall by cat-lover Margaux Gandelon.

Opening in the Marais, all the cats will be rescue animals who will be neutered and vaccinated and lovingly taken care of by the café staff and local veterinarians, according to Paris by Mouth, who shared the news this morning.

If you’re like me and love cats but your partner can’t abide them, then this is the place for you! I can’t wait to bring Little Miss as soon as they open. I’ll make a cat lover out of her yet! Watch this space for more info on their opening!

3 thoughts on “Meow! A Cat Café is coming to Paris

  1. Love this news! We just brought home a stray kitten from a friend’s front porch, and my husband who says he doesn’t like cats, picks him up and cuddles him every day. Hooray for the cats!

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