I love you… forever


Recent window at Cire Trudon

It’s true Parisians have quite a reputation when it comes to love….

Amour at Hotel Amour

Amour at Hotel Amour

Or amour.

Patisseries at Delmontel

Patisseries at Delmontel


Patisseries at Delmontel

Love is always in the air..


A petit coeur fromage…

Even at the local cheesemonger.

A cake at a friend's party recently

A cake at a friend’s party recently

They bake love…

Maurizio Galante stamps from La Poste

Maurizio Galante stamps from La Poste

They send love…

Kisses at a friend's party

Kisses at a friend’s party

And kisses too.

Patisseries at Demontel

Patisseries at Demontel

I feel so happy to live in a city where people aren’t afraid to say “je t’aime”….

Paris, I love you…


Patisseries at Delmontel



One thought on “I love you… forever

  1. Before I visited Paris last year, I heard what people said, “It’s the city of love! of romance!” It wasn’t until I climbed out of the metro and wandered down that first side street that I really understood what they meant. Such an incredible city. Mind if I live vicariously through you for a little bit?

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