How to make the perfect Poulet Rôti


We eat a lot of poulet rôti. If DH had to pick just one meal to eat until the end of eternity, a roasted chicken would definitely be the main course: it’s his eternal comfort food and there’s no way he could ever give it up.

He’s gotten so good at making a mouth-watering poulet rôti that I thought I would share his tips for turning out this dish to absolute perfection. Trust me, your friends and family will all be lining up for Sunday lunches at your place!

You will need, with instructions:

1 very nice free-range farm chicken

Chop garlic and shallots for the roasting pan. Add water, olive oil, rosemary, thyme, chopped basil, two slices of lemon, and pepper to the bottom of the pan. You can also keep some full garlic cloves in the bottom too, they’re delicious at the end.

Place rosemary and some basil inside the chicken.

Place chicken upside down in the roasting pan and cover it with butter and olive oil.

Put the chicken and roasting pan in the oven and only at this point, start the oven at 150°C

Baste every 15 minutes.

After 40 minutes, place the chicken in normal position and salt, pepper and butter it. It’s important to only salt the chicken at this point (and never before) a tip DH got from Jean-François Piège in order to keep the skin crackling.

After another 25 minutes, put the oven on grill at 180°

And in 15 minutes you should have a nicely roasted and juicy poulet rôti!

Enjoy and bon appétit!


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