Back in Paris


After almost three weeks, we’re finally back in Paris. It feels great to be able to walk around the city again! I had a doctors appointment this morning near Concorde, so I took the opportunity to visit W.H. Smith to get some items for Little Miss.


One day she’s going to need her own Paddington Bear.


Or an Eric Carle caterpiller.


Can you believe DH didn’t know Curious George? I can’t let Little Miss grow up without at least a few of these stories!



Madeline is another of my childhood favourites we will need to get.


The Gruffalo already lives in the countryside.


Isn’t this Miffy doll cute?


I bought these flashcards for Little Miss as she already has English ones and DH wanted to use some French ones with her.


So many books for her to discover! Can you imagine the sad children who haven’t discovered the joys of reading?!


This one made me laugh. What ever could “Mr. Chicken” be doing in Paris? Maybe he took a wrong turn from his farm in the Loire Valley…. in any case he doesn’t look happy!


Of course there are always way too many things that you don’t actually need. Wonder if in 10 years Little Miss will like Harry Potter?


This Harry from One Direction doll (LOL) will definitely be too dated…. Although I guess one day it will be a collectors item!


Like these books dedicated to HRH Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and the future Royal Baby. I think we might just need to buy this book, “The Royal Nappy”….

W.H. Smith, 248 rue de Rivoli, 75001, Paris. Metro° Concorde. Tél: 01 44 77 88 99


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