In love with burrata



As I mentioned, yesterday we bought a delicious burrata at the market in Bourgueil. A burrata makes the most perfect meal when you can’t be bothered to do anything special but you want to eat something nice. Especially if the burrata, the tomatoes and the olive oil are of very good quality.

Our dinner was very simple, but I was in heaven. We paired the tomatoes and burrata with a delicious rabbit terrine that DH bought at the charcuterie stand at the marché and finished our meal with a mouth-watering Saint-Nectaire cheese, followed by some fresh strawberries.

To be attempted chez toi as soon as possible. All you need is:

1 burrata

Fresh tomotoes

Fresh tarragon or fresh basil

Cracked black pepper


Very good olive oil

1. Layer the burrata with your tomatoes, as you like.

2. Add tarragon or basil, crack some black pepper, salt, and pour your desired amount of olive oil. And voilà!

Bon appétit!


3 thoughts on “In love with burrata

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      • Wonderful! Let me give you a few topics to choose from:
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        The Paris Busy Bee!

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