A visit to the market in the Loire Valley


We’re back in the Loire Valley for a couple of weeks, enjoying the country air, but not the weather, as it’s currently quite grey and flooded everywhere.


On Sunday, we visited one of our local markets in Chinon to stock up for the week. These white asparagus were a third of the price of those in Paris — the season started late, so lucky for us, we’re still able to enjoy them.


Everything is delicious and altogether too tempting… the Sainte Maure de Touraine (the long cylindrical cheese) is a local specialty…


I had my eye on a rotisserie canette (duck) for lunch….


But we ended up leaving with a few slices of this incredible Jambon à l’Os


Country eggs are a personal favourite… these come from a poulette (a young hen)! They’re so fresh!


With grey skies all around, flowers are a real pick-me-up!

Tomorrow I’ll share my mother-in-law’s recipe for a delicious and classically French accompaniment to white asparagus…. stay tuned!

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