Shoes: What are Parisian children wearing?

Picture 8

Picture 15

Bring me home…. Yes, please!

Picture 14

Picture 4

The above two are always classics and the updated colours are very sweet.

Picture 9

Accessories for mini hipsters-in-training. Now you know why Parisian children are dripping with cool…

Picture 11

I love both of these, but the Veja‘s are definitely on my list for Little Miss.

Picture 12

It’s impossible not to be charmed by these little Aigle rain boots.

Picture 5

Girlie Bensimon sneakers. What’s not to love?

Picture 2

Also cool metallic footwear for the older kids (and moms!) from Nimal.

All the brands in this boutique are Made in Europe. Caroline, the boutique owner, also sells shoes by Start Rite, Hummel, Mina and Minorquines. Enter this boutique at your own risk…

Botoù, 20 rue Milton, 75009, Paris. M° Saint-Georges or Cadet. Tél: 09 83 82 06 58

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