Our first fever


Little Miss has her very first fever. It started with tears and refusing to eat last night, so we took her temperature, and it was at 39.2°! We were obviously nervous since, aside from one gastro-enteritis with no temperature, she has never been sick before. DH called S.O.S. Médecins, the doctor service that conducts home-visits, and a doctor came over within the half an hour. Since she didn’t have any signs of anything abnormal after the examination we just have to wait and see how the fever evolves and administer Doliprane every 6 hours until it breaks.

For all you experienced mothers out there, I’d love to know if you have any tips with dealing with sick infants (Little Miss is 8.5 months) as well as fevers!

Here’s hoping that the fever gets banished quickly and that Little Miss will be feeling better very soon!

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