Heading back to Paris


We’re heading back to Paris this afternoon after a few blissful days in the Loire Valley. Just when you get settled it’s time to leave again. Although we’ll be back soon *and* in the Loire for most of the summer as well. Sad to leave the peace and quiet but looking forward to meeting up with friends this week!

#MommyMonday links:

“How We Do It, The Time Diaries of Family Life” via The New York Times

Goodnight Nanny-cam, the hilarious spoof on Goodnight Moon via The New Yorker

Having three children is most stressful via Babble.com

Support maternal and child health charities via Babble.com

Do we really need “smart” pyjamas? via The Daily Mail

Thou shalt eat fudgesicles via The Beeroness

Want one of these for Little Miss! Adorable children’s cashmere sweaters


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